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28 June to 2 July

Bumi Gathering 2023
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Welcome to Bumi Gathering, a place where you can embark on a journey towards holistic healing and wellness.



Immerse yourself in a

5-day celebration of the five elements of nature and their relation to the essence of the self.

In 2018, a time-honored dream came to full fruition. Countless efforts were made to ensure the highest quality in both timing and location, eventually leading to YogiGathering's presence in Canada. After successfully hosting one-day yoga and mindfulness retreats, the decision was made to hold this grand event in the vicinity of Toronto.


"Bumi: The Embrace of a Mother"


What is Bumi Gathering? 

It's more than a health and wellness gathering; it's a unique convergence of minds and bodies. The name "Bumi" finds its roots in the Sanskrit language, meaning "Mother Earth," and in Persian, it translates to "locals" or "inhabitants of a place." Both definitions perfectly encapsulate the essence of this gathering. It's worth mentioning that this name is officially registered as a subsidiary of CIMS in Canada.




Join us for 5 transformative days on Turtle Island | Canada.

(The original Name of Canadian Lands),

Celebrate life, ground yourself in nature, and tap into the magical power of wisdom.

Our international team of mystics, healers, yoga teachers, musicians, and artists will offer a wide range of workshops, classes, and performances. Experience daily yoga and meditation, healing circles, sacred movement and dance, meditation walks, and mindfulness practices.

What Sets Bumi Gathering Apart?


Bumi stands out in several ways:


  • Bumi isn't your typical event. It seamlessly combines music and art festivals with yoga and meditation retreats in various styles and forms, featuring over 60 programs and performances over the course of five days.

  • Bumi plays host to a diverse array of teachers, artists, and performers from around the world, each offering their unique approach and style. In Bumi 2023, instructors from seven different corners of the world joined hands with us.

  • Bumi is an international and intercultural event focusing on mental and physical health. In 2023, we welcomed participants from eight countries, as well as various provinces of Canada, contributing to the promotion of tourism in the Ontario region.

  • Bumi caters to a health-conscious audience, with 80% of participants falling between the ages of 20 to 40. They gather for five days of practice, self-improvement, dance, and celebration, all without the need for any substances, making it a warm embrace for anyone seeking peace and well-being, regardless of their background, gender, or beliefs.


In essence, Bumi is where ancient wisdom meets contemporary mindfulness, embracing all who seek peace and well-being, transcending boundaries of culture, race, and belief. Welcome to YogiGathering's Bumi Gathering!