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Pick a Gathering Pass & Accommodation


BUMI Term & Conditions

  1. Tickets for the Event may not in any way be resold by the Visitors to others. Upon arrival, you will be asked to show proof of your reservations; with your personal information.

  2. Attendees are responsible for the personal damages to the property where the gathering is being held. Bumi is a conscious event where we will be mindful of the land, space and sentient beings with care, kindness and compassion. There will be an extra charge per any damage decided by the organizer. 

  3. Any cooking, drugs, glassware, animals and weapons and/or dangerous objects are strictly forbidden at the gathering. 

  4. This gathering is an exploration of different lineages where participants can benefit from the practice. Please do not bring your kids to the event; as it might interfere with your practice.

  5. Each person is responsible for their existing food and/or other allergies. Please bring your own medications.

  6. The Bumi Gathering Insurance is only for the duration of the gathering and at the property where the gathering is held. Kindly have your personal insurance for your travels as needed. 

  7. In case of force majeure in the broadest sense, which in this regard also includes the illness and/or withdrawal of the artist(s), strikes, pandemics, terrorist threat, the decision to cancel by the competent authority, fire, bad weather conditions, etc., the Organiser will be entitled to move the Event to another date or location or to cancel the Event.

  8. The Organiser is only obliged in case of full cancellation to refund the admission fee as mentioned on the Ticket, but not the service fees and any incurred travel and accommodation costs, to the Visitor at their request.

  9. Camping and sleeping are only permitted in (brought along) tents or other accommodation options offered by the Organiser at the campsite and not in cars or otherwise in the car park. 

  10.  An Event may include specific campsite rules, which are made known upon entry to the camping site and/or in the general house rules of the Event, as stated on the Website. These latter rules are in the event of deviating rules prevailing to the rules as stated in these General Terms and Conditions.

  11.  The Organiser may lay down further practical rules in the ‘Campsite Rules’ that will be put up or distributed, in relation to:

  • using showers and washing facilities at the campsite;

  • swimming;

  • putting up tents;

  • permitted food and drinks;

  • following the instructions of government, security and service employees;

  • other relevant instructions for camping with regard to public nuisance and similar matters.

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