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Want to be part of the Bumi Community?

                                                                      BECOME A SPONSOR

BUMI Festival is delighted to invite local businesses to be part of our much-anticipated 2024 event.

Our commitment to promoting inclusivity and showcasing outstanding local enterprises aligns with our mission of uniting ancient wisdom and modern mindfulness. To cater to businesses of diverse sizes and backgrounds, we offer three unique sponsorship packages, each providing exclusive opportunities for your brand"s integral involvement in our event.

As the driving force behind BUMI Festival, we value partnerships that resonate with our dedication to fostering well-being, unity, and self-discovery.

For sponsorship inquiries and to explore tailored opportunities for your brand, please contact us at


Based on your needs we can offer any of below presence in BUMI 2024. 

Logo Placement
● ​​Inclusion of the sponsor's logo on the festival website with a direct link to the sponsor"s site.
● Displayed from the time of contract execution until one month after the festival concludes.

Digital Billboard Exposure
● Sponsor's business introduction featured on digital billboards throughout the festival grounds.
● Scheduled multiple times over 5 days; content creation responsibility lies with the sponsor.

Feature in BUMI Magazine & Social Media
● Full-page introduction in the dedicated native magazine showcasing sponsors.
● The Sponsors will be introduced on the BUMI Instagram page and social media.

Exclusive Discount Code
● 10 discount coupons (20% off) for friends and acquaintances, entry tickets
● Optional use of this code is entirely at the discretion of the sponsor.

Booth Rental Discount
• If the sponsor requires a booth for product presentation during the festival, a 50% discount code for a 5-day booth rental will be provided.

Brand wall, Media banner
• Your logo will be prominently featured on the brand wall (media banner) of the Bumi Festival throughout the event, ensuring extensive exposure for your brand. BUMI will handle the preparation and display of the banner, ensuring a well-presented showcase of your business

Want to be part of Creating a Conscious Community?

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