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BUMI Terms & Conditions

1. Refund policy: A ticket sales are final, and purchasers will not receive refunds after acquiring the tickets.
2. Visitors are prohibited from reselling tickets for the Event. Upon arrival, visitors must present proof of reservations along with personal identification.
3. Attendees bear responsibility for any personal damages to the property where the gathering is held. Bumi emphasizes conscious and mindful conduct toward the land, space, and sentient beings. The organizer may impose an additional charge for any damages.
  4. The gathering strictly forbids cooking, drugs, glassware, animals, weapons, and/or dangerous objects.

5. The gathering serves as an exploration of different lineages, providing participants with opportunities for practice.
6. Each individual is responsible for managing their existing food and/or other allergies and is advised to bring their own medications.
7. Bumi Festival Insurance covers only the duration of the gathering and the property where it takes place. Participants are encouraged to have personal insurance for their travels.
8. In the event of force majeure, including illness or withdrawal of artists, strikes, pandemics, terrorist threats, decisions to cancel by competent authorities, fire, bad weather conditions, etc., the Organizer reserves the right to move the Event to another date or location or to cancel it.
9. In case of a full cancellation, the Organizer is obligated to refund the admission fee as mentioned on the Ticket, but not the service fees or any incurred travel and accommodation costs, upon the Visitor's request.
10. Camping and sleeping are permitted only in (brought along) tents or other accommodation options offered by the Organizer at the campsite, not in cars or elsewhere in the car park.
11. The Event may have specific campsite rules, communicated at the camping site entry or in the general house rules on the Website, prevailing over any deviating rules in these General Terms and Conditions.
12. The participant certifies their physical fitness and preparation for the activity and event, affirming no advice against participation from a qualified medical professional.
13. The Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form will govern the participant's actions and responsibilities at the BUMI Festival event.
14. Bumi Gathering and its affiliates are not liable for damages resulting from the consumption of alcohol or drugs by participants or others, including property damage, personal injury, death, disfigurement, or loss of consortium.
(A) If the participant consumes alcohol or drugs at the Bumi Gathering Event, they are solely responsible for any damages suffered by themselves or caused to third parties.
(B) If the participant provides or serves alcohol and drugs to others at the Bumi Festival, they acknowledge sole responsibility for any damages suffered by themselves or third parties.

15. Responsibility for parked vehicles in the festival parking lot and the items inside them lies with the vehicle owner, and the festival organizers assume no responsibility for them. Please note that the parking space is free but does not apply to single-occupant vehicles.

16. BUMI FESTIVAL and associated individuals are not responsible for errors, omissions, acts, or failures to act of any party conducting activities on their behalf.
17. Participants acknowledge the potential risks of the activity and event, including death, serious injury, and property loss, arising from terrain, facilities, weather, participant conditions, equipment, vehicular traffic, lack of hydration, and actions of others.
18. Participants consent to receive medical treatment in the event of injury, accident, and/or illness during the activity.
19.In specific situations such as illness, disability, unforeseen events, etc., any of the teachers, professors, artists, musicians, etc., may be replaced or removed from participation. Additionally, the list of workshop session organizers and artists and teachers may change at the discretion of the festival organizing team.

20.Participants acknowledge the possibility of being photographed during the activity and event, permitting the use of their photo, video, or film likeness for legitimate purposes.
21. In consideration of participation, participants waive, release, and discharge entities or persons involved in the activity from liability for death, disability, personal injury, property damage, theft, or any actions during the activity and event.
(A) Participants indemnify, hold harmless, and promise not to sue the entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph from liabilities or claims arising from participation in the activity and event.
22. The Organizer may establish additional practical rules in the 'Campsite Rules,' addressing showers, washing facilities, swimming, tent setup, permitted food and drinks, adherence to government, security, and service employee instructions, and other relevant camping instructions.
23. The Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form is broadly construed to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law.
24. If a visitor receives a warning from the organizer for the second time, the organizers, security, and volunteers retain the right to request that the visitor leave the property.
25. Participants certify that they have read the document, fully understand its content, and are aware that it is a release of liability and a contract, signed of their own free will.

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