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We care about diversity, creativity and conscious living.  
May your offering brings some light to the path of living holistically and authentically. 

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If you care deeply about nature, service, community and conssiouss living, 

BUMI is a space

you can showcase and offer your love for life with others.

We would love to hear from you and have you as part of this Celebration of Life.

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Bumi is a gathering rooted in service and non-harming while providing space for wanderers and seekers to explore their creativity.

We appriciate your offerings and are open to your ideas.

Vendor Application

If you want to be part of any services, food, drinks or products at BUMI, we are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Upload Example of your work

Much love. We will write back to you soon! 

a vibrant celebration of healing, artistry, and sustainability. 

We invite you to be part of this conscious gathering as a vendor, where healers, light workers, artists, and advocates of sustainable living come together in harmony.


Vendor Packages:

  1- 10x10 Booth space: $900

(The organization only provides a free space measuring 10*10, and attendees are responsible for bringing their own tents and equipment)


2-10x10 Bumi Booth: $1200


(The organization provides a tent for you)


3- 10x10 Bumi Booth + Table: $1300


(in addition to the tent, the organization provides a table)

4-10x10 Bumi Booth + Table + Electricity: $1500


(in addition to the tent, the organization provides a table and electricity)

All prices are subject to a 13% HST.

Each booth package can accommodate two operators.


$300 apply for additional personnel and a maximum of four personnel can participate. 

All Participants for these vendors can join the programs offered by the organization, but at least one personnel needs to be present at the vendor's space until closing time

This price list is not set for Food Vendors.

If you would like to bring your yummy goodies to Bumi, send us an email to *

Whether you're showcasing your products, services, or offerings, Bumi Festival is the perfect platform to connect with our conscious community. If you're ready to immerse yourself in this transformative experience or have any questions or inquiries, contact us today.

Let's co-create a festival filled with love, healing, and positive energy.




    Vendor Guidelines


  • All vendors must be set up and ready for business by 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 27th. Late set-ups or early departures present a safety hazard to the public and cannot be allowed. These hours are subject to change.

  • Vendors who are approved will be assigned a kiosk spot only after full payment is received. The Festival Committee reserves the right to assign a kiosk spot based on what it decides is best for the overall success of the Festival and other vendors.

  • All vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean, providing their own table coverings, decorations, equipment, and electrical extension cords.

  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted within a vendor kiosk area.

  • All vendors are responsible for the complete clean-up of their kiosk area after the Festival ends. Those leaving a mess will be billed a fouling charge.

  • Vendors who do not comply with terms and conditions will not be eligible to return to future Festivals.

Additional Information:

  • The layout is not released to vendors, only to the event sponsors who have a choice on where their booth will be located. Changes to the layout may occur up until the day prior to the event or even the morning of the event.

  • Upon arrival, each table will be labeled with business names, and staff will be available to help vendors find their space.

  • The Festival Committee tries to place vendors according to the application for space requests.

  • Terms and Conditions

  • While the festival is insured, vendors are required to obtain necessary insurance for their booths. Short-term insurance is mandatory for all vendors during the 5-day festival.

  •  At Bumi Festival, vendors are urged to embody a decor that aligns with the ethos of Earth-friendly practices, ensuring a harmonious connection with the environment and a commitment to non-harmful, sustainable approaches. This fosters an atmosphere of utmost respect for all attendees and the planet we collectively cherish.

  • All booths and equipment will be provided securely; vendors are liable for any damages

  •  Vendors are expected to cooperate with the festival security and operational teams.

  • Selling any unauthorized food, beverages, or alcohol is strictly prohibited.

  •  Vendors must sell only the registered and approved items; any additions require coordination with the festival management.

  • Bumi does not have any commitment or guarantee regarding the sales of the vendors’ products. The sale of products depends on the quality and presentation of the vendors’ services and the reception of the visitors.

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