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Festival dancing


There are various Workshops, Ceremonies, Classes  & Programs to join daily.

We invite you to come back often and check updates on what to expect.

By learning about each program you get to create your own unique experience.

schirin shams

Workshop Series and Movement Course


By : Schirin Chams Diba 

Since time immemorial, the spiritual power of hair has been well known, and as such, hair has been either revered or repressed in varying cultures around the world. This innate power of the hair is so feared within many oppressive patriarchal societies, that the women in these societies are forced to cover their heads or else face violent, unethical retribution. Imagine how in countries like Iran, the wind in your hair and how the sunshine caresses you from your crown downwards is an illegal act. It’s one of the most profound, simple, and human birth rights of life. The Feminine is reclaiming HER right to exist and to bring soothing to all life on Earth. A girl-led revolution supported by the Masculine is in full swing right NOW. This is a two-session lecture and movement course. Come and dance with me as a form of activism in two evenings full of sacred dance and ritual traditions based on the power of a woman’s hair. We will explore traditions from North Africa, along the Silk Road to India, in which hair has been a vitally inclusive aspect for personal and environmental clearings, blessings, divination, and embodied prayer.

Daily Morning & Afternoon Practices 

Tibetan Breathing Yoga

By : Chumba Lama

The daily Tibetan Breathing Yoga, are cleansing and detoxing sessions with Chumba Lama. Bringing the Practices and wisdom of Tibet into our lives. The sessions would help you carry home an ancient healing practice for a healthier and happier life. As Chumba Lama Says: When you befirend Yoga, Yoga will bring you abundance. Each session is 90 minutes. You need to be with empty stomach and a full heart.

Zen j

Book Reading & Conversations in Zen

"My Journey to Zen" Tales of Dotetsu Zenji

By : Zen Master Dotetsu Zenji

In daily Sessions of 90 minutes each, we get to sit by the Zen Master and hear him read his life stories from his book "My journey to Zen". This daily series is aiming to bring a new perspective and vision on the path of self-discovery. Khosrow Dehdasht Heidari, (ordained name, Dotetsuzenji) is an Iranian Zen- Buddhist monk who was ordained as a Rnizai Zen monk in 1985, at Sogenji Zen Monastery, Okayama, affiliated to Myoshinji (Mother Temple- Kyoto) under the famous Zen master, Ven. Harada Shodo Roshi. He was originally a teacher in the Ministry of Education in Iran, teaching for nearly 21 years. He graduated with a B.A. in philosophy from Osmania University, India. His field of research is psychology. He practiced different techniques of meditations in different countries. In the UK, he started teaching meditation to Iranians and non-Iranians alike. He is a member of the One Drop of Sogenji monastery in Japan.

bumi up date

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